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We are one of the biggest importers of Himalayan Salt in the USA, so we can price our salt more competitively by spending our savings on the customer!





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The Purity That You & Your Environment Needs

We at The Rock Salt Company seek the purest and most valuable minerals required for human consumption. Our products are handcrafted and mechanically checked for quality. Our mission is to provide pure and organic products to our customers.

About the shop

The Rock Salt Company is an online shop designed to cater to individual consumers as well as bulk orders. We deal with large-scale wholesale and bulk orders also for corporate clients. The website is designed to offer a line of decoration as well as edible products, that are essential. The Rock Salt Company guarantees quality for every product listed in our shop.

Pink Himalayan Salt:

We have the purest Pink Himalayan salt that is available for human consumption. It is available in dark pink, light pink & white colors. The Natural Pink Himalayan Sea Salt looks & tastes amazing on food, you can sprinkle it, keep it in a salt mill or even a small bowl to be used on your table.

Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal:

The Pink Himalayan Rock Salt crystals naturally occur in the mountains, they are found deep inside the Himalayan mountain range. The Pink Rock Salt has formed in these mountains millions of years ago and is extracted through mining, using the “room and pillar” method of salt mining. While mining one area for salt, a similar area nearby is completely left untouched to act as a pillar, to support the mine from collapsing. The Best Himalayan Salt is extracted organically from these mines and supplied to distributors who process these Himalayan salt crystals for consumption, therapeutic and decorative use.

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt:

The color of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt ranges from very light pink to deep red which is the beauty of its organic value. The depth of color of the Himalayan Salt Crystals indicates the concentration of mineral content of the salt, the darker the color the higher the mineral value of the salt crystal. Our Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Crystals are in the dark pink range. It contains 84 trace minerals, including iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium, including others. Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals are indicated to restore balance to the human body’s electrolytes, balance the pH value in the body, also minimize the acid reflux and also lower blood pressure.

Himalayan Pink Fine Salt Grains:

The Himalayan Pink Salt has a firm and pleasing crunch, unlike the softer sea or table salt. It is ideal for everyday use and consumption. We have 2 verities of the Himalayan Pink Salt Crystal Grains: Coarse Salt Grains & Fine Salt Grains. The Pink Rock Salt coarse grains are perfect for using to cook stakes, restaurant meal dressing, using in the salt mill, and therapeutic use. The Himalayan Pink Fine Salt grains are suitable for use in shakers, bowls, and cooking by the stove. With no strong, harsh, or bitter taste, the flavor of the Himalayan Pink Salt is smooth and divine with the completeness of flavor. The Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Tastes amazing on everything & is great for cleansing the environment as well – You can never go wrong with Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals as they will always taste amazing whether you use them to flavor your meals or as a dressing to make your creations look perfect.

The Rock Salt Company:

We at The Rock Salt Company are proud to be providing one of the best and purest edible & decorative products in the world. The Himalayan Pink Salt rocks are being processed to produce multiple ranges of products and The Rock Salt Company is proud to supply the following products, Fine Himalayan Pink Salt, Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps, Himalayan Pink Salt LED USB Lamps, Himalayan Pink Salt Candle Holders, Himalayan Pink Salt Animal Lick.